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Our Overnight Boarding is All-Inclusive:


Breakfast and Dinner, Large Outdoor Play Yards, Let Out 5-6 Times a Day for Potty Breaks and Play, Spacious Rooms, Nap & Bed Time Snacks (milkbone biscuit) and the option of some extra exercise on an 'open run' down by the creek. 




Barkingham Palace hosts five 6'x6' rooms, each with an attached 6'x12' run. Offering a more spacious and private stay, this option is recommended for large, XL dogs, fur-families, and dogs who may need some extra comfort.


*1 Dog  $45/day     *2 Dogs  $87/day     

*$3 Off 2nd addl. dog

*$5 Off Each addl. Dog


Multiple dog rates are based on all dogs from the same family staying in the same room.

If your dogs require separate rooms the fee is $45 in Barkingham Palace for each dog.​




Bed & Biscuit accommodates dogs of most breeds. We recommend this option for single occupancy up to 60 lbs or for a family of small dogs. These semi-private rooms are 4'x4' in size with an attached 4'x10' outdoor run.

*1 Dog  $42/day     *2 Dogs  $81/day  

*$3 Off 2nd addl. dog

*$5 Off Each addl. dog


Multiple dog rates are based on all dogs from the same family staying in the same room.

If your dogs require seperate rooms the fee is $42 in Bed & Biscuit for each dog.

Our lab is so excited to stay at the Inn that he doesn`t even bother to say goodbye any more! It is reassuring to know that while I am playing on my vacation, he is well cared for and happily playing in the creek and running around the beautiful acreage at the Inn.
What Do I Bring?

Please send a copy of your dog's latest vaccination records before arrival. We require all dogs to be current on Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella (kennel cough) at least TWO WEEKS prior to check-in. For information on these vaccines please click here.

All clients must fill out and sign our Boarding Agreement. This will include contact information and details on your dog's social habits.


We do not recommend bringing a bed or blanket for your dog's room. Toys, treats, Bowls and leashes are not necessary as we have plenty on hand.

Though we do provide food (Diamond Premium),you are welcome to bring your own. For administering medications, we charge $3 extra every day.  Please let us know ahead of time, and write detailed instructions for us. 

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